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About us

At Life Complete we deeply care about parents of teenagers, the parenting of teenagers and helping teenagers achieve their full potential which is why we developed a range of services and products from which your whole family will benefit.

What we believe

“The wealth of a nation can be measured by the way their young cherish history and its lessons,
use their freedom to make the most of this very day and
help create a positive tomorrow through each decision they make today.”
Author - Herman van Zyl

Our philosophy

Be more – because you can
Be more – and make a difference

Our approach

Inspirational coaching

The keys to our (and your) success

Attitude + purpose + practical life skills = success


Your attitude is the one thing in your life that influences everything else. Help a teenager to develop the right attitude and you will no longer have to worry or wonder about how their lives will turn out.


Get teenagers hooked on their purpose in life and they will never get hooked on anything else or allow anything into their lives that can keep them from achieving their purpose.

Life Skills

Our unique set of practical life skills will enable your teenagers to confidently face any situation life throws at them.

How did it all start?

The founder comes from a humble background – an only child being emotionally abused and sexually molested by an alcoholic stepfather to the point where he looked for love and acceptance on the streets, only to find and, eventually, become involved in stealing, bullying, gang activities and a life that may have led him straight to jail – was it not for the realisation that he is able to be so much more than what he had become at the age of 14.

This desire and drive to “Be more – because he can” became a passion which was later turned into the driving force behind Life Complete and all its services and products, which includes the Life Complete website, Life Chat magazine, Be More self-coaching kit for achievers and Answers4parents parenting club and program.

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